Sasha Harmon Matthews – Not Your Average 10 Year Old

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Sasha Harmon Matthews – Not Your Average 10 Year Old

Sasha Harmon Matthews isn’t your average 10-year-old. Despite her age, she’s already captivating New York’s reading world with her graphic novel “Sitting Bull: A Life Story.”

Sasha Harmon Matthews Sitting A Bull

Stemming from her school’s extension activities — optional subjects suggested to students who have completed their assigned work — Sasha decided that Native American Heritage piqued her interest the most. “It’s the life story of the great Indian chief, but it’s more than that. It tells about what happened to the Native Americans.”

Although she could have just written the piece independent of imagery, her own skills and desire to show readers how she perceived the story inspired her to draw the accompanying illustrations herself. “The pictures in a comic book show what the author is thinking,” she says. “In a regular book, you have to make it up in your head.”

Sasha Harmon Matthews Working on Macbook

“Sitting Bull” is available for sale at Book Culture on Columbus Avenue, and at just $4.95 a copy, they’re flying off the shelves. After being approached by Matthews, it was a no brainer for Annie Hendrick (owner of Book Culture), to start selling the book. “They were so organized,” she said. “They already had copies of the book ready.

Her father, Scott Matthews (A Duggal Visual Solutions client), has taken up the role of her “guide, booster, and agent.” He takes her to art classes, and even helped along her confidence scheduling a reading of “Sitting Bull” at Book Culture on June 18th. The event was also aimed to promote Sasha’s second graphic novel, “Pompeii: Lost and Found.” Her second work continues her passion for retelling historical events, as well as shows an increase in her overall skill as a writer and illustrator.

Sasha Harmon Matthews Event Crowd

Sasha Harmon Matthews Pompeii

On a father-daughter trip to the comics and cartoons MoCCA Arts Festival last April, Matthews dropped off a copy of “Sitting Bull” (as well as her contact information), at a table featuring stories retelling Greek myths in a graphic novel format. This earned her an email from George O’Connor, author and illustrator of the series, titled “The Olympians,” saying how much he liked her “storytelling, lettering, coloring, and drawing skills.” And even suggested that they meet up at Book Culture, and swap copies.

The email was even signed “Your fan.”

Sasha Matthews has since set up her own website,, and plans on continuing her series of graphic novels.

Sasha Harmon Matthews pompeii page 2 detail

Copies of “Sitting Bull: A Life Story” can be found at Book Culture locations: 450 Columbus Avenue between 81st St. and 82nd St., and 2915 Broadway at 114th Street, New York, NY.