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School of Visual Arts Honors Design and Typography Legend Louise Fili

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School of Visual Arts Honors Design and Typography Legend Louise Fili

From wine bottles and jam jars to bakeries, restaurants and cafés themselves, the elegant designs of Louise Fili are all around you. School of Visual Arts (SVA) recently brought the entirety of Fili’s influential work to its Gramercy Gallery, awarding Fili the 28th Annual Masters Series Exhibition.

Louise Fili SVA

Louise Fili SVA Red

Louise Fili Fridge

Designed and produced by chair of 3D Design, Kevin O’Callaghan, The Masters Series: Louise Fili was the first-ever retrospective of Fili’s 40-plus-year career. In addition to a vast portfolio of food packaging and restaurant branding, Fili has created more than 2,000 book covers in various fields, and authored or co-authored more than 20 books on design and typography. Her past and present clients include Hyperion Books, Rizzoli, Sarabeth’s, Tate’s Bake Shop, Tiffany & Co., Williams-Sonoma and the U.S. Postal Service.

Louise Fili Typography

Louise Fili Masters Series

“It was a painstakingly wonderful experience to comb through decades of work and revisit each design individually as a part of the big picture,” Fili said. “To gain a wide-angle perspective of what I’ve been doing this whole time and see it all live together in one exhibition was truly amazing.”

Louise Fili Living Space

Louise Fili Packages

Louise Fili  SVA Room

An SVA alum who has garnered countless awards and accolades, Fili continues to give back to the design community as a longtime faculty member of SVA’s BFA and MFA Design departments. Duggal Visual Solutions is honored and proud to have had the opportunity to work directly with Fili to reproduce her body of work for The Masters Series.

Louise Fili Slab Type Room

Louise Fili Wall of Type

Louise Fili Le Monde

“Working with Duggal to bring Kevin’s exhibition design to life was fantastic,” Fili said. “Jerid and Marta took the time to walk us through each step, from modeling to preliminary tests to the final products. It was so exciting to see these typically small designs reproduced on a large scale. I also toured Duggal’s production facility in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which was extremely impressive.”

Louise Fili Purple Room

Louise Fili SVA Purple Room

Louise Fili Purple Room 2

See the video below for a walk-through of SVA’s Louise Fili retrospective featuring more than 200 pieces, including floor graphics and 10-foot-tall replicas. We also encourage you to browse Louise Fili’s website, and keep an eye out for her new book slated to be published in 2017.

Photos: Mike Marques