Sebastian Masuda’s ‘Colorful Rebellion—Seventh Nightmare’ Debuts in NYC

Curators’ Corner

Sebastian Masuda’s ‘Colorful Rebellion—Seventh Nightmare’ Debuts in NYC

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Sebastian Masuda, a kawaii culture artist and director of 6%DOKIDOKI, appears at his first solo exhibition in New York City at Kianga Ellis Projects in Chelsea. Colorful Rebellion—Seventh Nightmare exposes Masuda’s personal experience indulging in the guiltiest of pleasures: the Seven Deadly Sins.

Masuda’s one-room exhibit employs objects associated with child’s play to reveal his inner turmoil and obsessions. The gallery is divided into seven guilt-ridden zones, inhabited by neon stuffed animals, ribbon, girl’s accessories, multi-colored feathers, fake fur and an iron-cast bed. Though his production still remains based upon the Harajuku kawaii culture, Masuda elects to present a conflicting view to the easily understandable originality and flamboyance of the trend.

To kawaii culture fans it’s a childhood dream come to life rather than an unpleasantry. The only nightmarish aspect to Masuda’s exhibit was that there wasn’t more of it.

Masuda’s rebellious self-portrait is on display until March 29th.