Second Edition of Coney Art Walls Project Brings Vibrant New Wave of Street Art to Coney Island

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Second Edition of Coney Art Walls Project Brings Vibrant New Wave of Street Art to Coney Island

Coney Art Walls makes a triumphant return to Coney Island this summer with 21 new walls celebrating the glory and creativity of street art.

Coney Art Walls _marie_roberts

Marie Roberts

Dubbed the “Outdoor Museum of Street Art,” Coney Art Walls features works from an impressive lineup of 34 urban artists from around the globe, including Haze, Eine, Pose, Lady Aiko, Timothy Curtis, and many others. The outdoor exhibition is curated by art maven, Jeffrey Deitch and mega real estate developer, Joseph Sitt of Thor Equities.

Coney Art Walls _aiko

Lady Aiko

Coney Art Walls _aiko

Lady Aiko

The Coney Art Walls concept originated from Deitch’s seminal 2011 Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, show, “Art in the Streets.” As the museum’s director at the time, Deitch was responsible for the first comprehensive overview of street art and graffiti held in a major museum. After leaving MOCA and returning to New York, he sought to replicate the idea in a more interactive installment for the public.

Coney Art Walls _ahearn

John Ahearn

Coney Art Walls _crash


The new walls feature works by D*Face, Jessica Diamond, Tristan Eaton, Gaia, Icy & Sot, London Police, Nychos, Tats Cru, and Sam Vernon. Contemporary artist, Nina Chanel Abney delivers an awesome Stuart Davis-esque wall swimming in a colorful frenzy of bright graphics and black mermaids. Meanwhile, John Ahearn’s whimsical mural illustrates buoyant divers complemented by a young boy reveling in summer. Stephen Powers’ three-dimensional signage adds a genuine dose of local street flavor.

Coney Art Walls _ron_english

Ron English

Coney Art Walls _perretna


Coney Art Walls _buff_monster

Buff Monster

Coney Art Walls _nychos


Returning artists, Mister Cartoon, Crash, Daze, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, and Marie Roberts produce new, crowd-engaging works based on their respective signature styles. Carryover murals from 2015 include works from street art greats such as Buff Monster, Ron English, How & Nosm, IRAK, Kashink, Lady Pink, Miss Van, RETNA, eL Seed and Yok & Sheryo. There are also three community walls on view.

Coney Art Walls _DFace


At Greenwood Beach, where the murals are located, a wide host of local food vendors–including Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Calexico, and Table 87–are on hand serving delicious summer bites. Stop by, soak up the sun, see the art, and take in the lively atmosphere at New York City’s quirky, legendary summer hotspot!

Coney Art Walls _daze


Photos: Martha Cooper