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Simplifying the Digital Signage Network


Simplifying the Digital Signage Network

At first, the phrase, “digital signage network” may sound intimidatingly technical—so let’s break it down. Digital signage is what now seems to meet us at every turn: exit signs, fast food drive-through menus, public transportation timetables—digital signage is all around you. The essence of digital signage is the transmission of any source of information that is presented through digital means, i.e. LCD, LED, or projection.

Types of Digital Signage

The wide scope of digital signage leaves plenty of room for creativity and customization. Here are some common implementations of digital signage:

  • Wayfinding screens, such as directories in a mall.
  • Video walls, often used in retail.
  • Digital billboards; think Times Square.

Using digital signage makes it possible to create engaging, interactive content to catch consumers’ attention. You may also have seen applications of digital signage in museums, movie theaters, and various beauty retail campaigns. Inviting passersby to engage directly with your product is highly likely to leave a lasting impression.

With over 50 years of expertise in this sector of multimedia graphics, Duggal’s ability to fulfill your digital signage needs is unparalleled.

Digital Signage Cost Efficiency

The cost of digital signage compared to non-digital has decreased in recent years, and this trend will continue as it becomes more popular. You will forget any initial concern of purchasing digital signage once you see its return in both brand value and measurable ROI from energy savings. Don’t wait, check out Duggal’s digital signage products or contact us directly with inquiries.