Sipho Mabona Succeeds in Folding Life-sized Origami Elephant

Curators’ Corner

Sipho Mabona Succeeds in Folding Life-sized Origami Elephant

Life-sized Origami Elephant

In the right hands, a piece of paper can be folded into anything imaginable.  Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding, deriving from the words ori meaning “folding” and kami meaning “paper.” Origami is unique among paper crafts in that cutting, gluing, or drawing on the paper is generally avoided. The art solely welcomes folding to create the desired result.

In an effort to prove that there are no limits to origami, Sipho Mabona, a professional origami artist, fashioned a 220lb single sheet of white paper measuring 50’ by 50’ into a life-sized elephant standing more than 10’ tall. To ensure accuracy, Mabona and his assistants duplicated the folding motions of a small-scale elephant model. The crafting required Mabona to manage up to 10 assistants at a time, folding six days a week for four weeks.

White Elephant was made possible through the crowd-funding platform Indiegogo and is now on display at KKLB in Beromünster, Switzerland.