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Slide Scanners: The Best Way to Convert Your Film


Slide Scanners: The Best Way to Convert Your Film

If you haven’t heard the term, “slide scanner,” it’s likely that you’re familiar with the process more so than the actual product. Slide scanners digitize film photos, both to back up the physical copy and to update the file format. What makes a slide scanner so useful?


Although most standard digital scanners only support 35mm film, you can buy more elaborate slide scanners based on the type of film you have. Many slide scanners are able to support multiple film types.


Simply taking a photograph of your existing photograph isn’t feasible for capturing the details and being able to reproduce the image. Slide scanners do a great job of preserving the resolution of your original piece.

Bit Depth

Similar to resolution, but slightly more difficult to recognize, bit depth can be negatively affected if a film slide is not digitized properly. A slide scanner can help maintain greater bit depth. Fstoppers explains:

“Bit depth is essentially how much information your camera can store in each color channel for each pixel…

Altogether, higher bit depths are better, as they create finer gradations, and this results in smoother transitions between tones.”

Digitization at Duggal

If you’re looking to digitize your film photos, no need to buy a slide scanner and fidget with it yourself. Duggal Visual Solutions can safely and securely transfer your images to digital files that you can easily share, edit and save. Contact us to get started.