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Socially Distanced Studio Shoots: A Quick Guide


Socially Distanced Studio Shoots: A Quick Guide

Like most industries, the multimedia production world is adjusting to the age of social distancing while simultaneously trying to keep business afloat. Here’s how socially distanced studio shoots are helping to keep clients and creatives safe, employed, and productive during this time.


Spacious Facilities, Reduced Capacities

By simply limiting the capacity of a studio shoot, social distancing becomes more feasible. With a 1,600-plus-square-foot photo studio, Duggal’s Brooklyn Navy Yard headquarters can accommodate large-yet-small productions, with industrial-scale windows letting in plenty of natural light and fresh air. The massive Duggal Greenhouse is also available for large-scale shoots, while Duggal’s Portland, Oregon studio continues to serve as the ideal remote partner for e-commerce brands in Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Pacific Northwest and Asia.

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Temperature Taking & Testing

One way to be sure shoot participants—including the production crew, talent, and any on-site staff—remain healthy is to implement regular testing measures and temperature taking at the start of each day on set. Having shifted its production to face shields at the height of New York’s coronavirus outbreak, Duggal has the infrastructure in place to closely monitor foot traffic and individual health over the course of a shoot. Through months of face shield production, the Duggal Greenhouse maintained zero coronavirus cases.


Symptom Disclosures & Contact Tracing

Signed symptom disclosures are now becoming commonplace for on-site and in-person projects. This protocol requires any potential sickness or exposure to be reported and for the person to stay home from work. Contact tracing programs and partnerships are also emerging within the private sector.

Despite the difficult circumstances affecting businesses all over the world, studio shoots can continue with minimal risk and maximum inspiration. At Duggal, we are doing everything in our power to create a safe, custom studio space for the current times and post-pandemic future. Learn more about Duggal Studios.