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Building 25

63 Flushing Avenue, Building 25
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Please visit the Duggal Studios website for more information on Building 25.


Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 25 is home to not only Duggal Studios but also the Duggal Innovation Lab and Duggal Visual Solutions production facilities. Housing digital studios under the same roof as print and fabrication facilities is a rarity, not to mention a massive advantage for streamlined production when print assets and/or physical displays are part of a campaign.


B25 is not only one of the earliest anchors in the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s successful transformation into a hub for technology and creative services, but also a leader in sustainability. Visiting is a field trip–and field day–for any creative professional looking to see behind the scenes of ongoing innovation in digital and print production. B25 is off the beaten path, but only a stone’s throw from Brooklyn’s bustling and easily accessible downtown.

Duggal Studios is the content-first extension of Duggal Visual Solutions, the original pioneer of New York’s Photo District and prolific producer of game-changing graphics since 1963.

With studios on both coasts, the foundation of a legendary photographic lab, and instant access to the largest digital printer in North America, we are able to deliver an unprecedented combination of pure creativity and vast capabilities.

Tue. 05/26/20

National Braille Press Powers Through Pandemic to Continue Bringing Books to the Blind

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Tue. 05/26/20

Envisioning a Safe Space for Large Events to Return

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Mon. 05/18/20

Brooklyn Navy Yard-Based Shoe Brand Launches Masks At-Cost for Consumers

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Top 3 Solutions to Make Space Between Store Customers and Staff

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