Duggal specializes in scanning, archiving and digitizing images from transparent slides, film negatives, fine artwork and photographic prints. We provide archive management for world-class museums, galleries and brands while also serving students and independent professionals.

Scanner Types

  • Drum scanners
  • Flatbed scanners
  • High-speed Kodak film scanners
  • Imacon film scanners

Scanning & Digitizing

Here at Duggal we have a world-class repertoire of scanning, archiving and digitizing services. We digitize images for everyone from students to global brands; from photographers to museums and galleries. Our skilled and passionate experts know that a beautiful output begins with a perfect scan.

Drum Scanner Specs

  • Up to a maximum size of 11” x 14”
  • Wet and dry mounting available
  • PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube) capture device
  • The analog to digital output is the only digital file that can reproduce the latitude, contrast, and grain structure of any film.

Mon. 10/07/19

Why Digital Agencies Love Duggal

Duggal Visual Solutions supports the world’s leading advertising, design and digital agencies with their large-format printing needs—and our role doesn’t just begin when it comes time to hit print.  Our legacy as a world-renowned graphics […]

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Mon. 10/07/19

Art Meets Science in These 3 Duggal Design Services

Duggal Visual Solutions is known primarily for printing and graphics, but our services cover much more. While our passion lies in art, our process includes logistics, specifications, and complete attention to detail across the board. […]

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Tue. 10/01/19

NFL Brings Influencers into Centennial Celebration

With the National Football League celebrating its 100th season in 2019, the league delivered a touchdown to social media influencers who will now be cheering in the stands. This is one of the most generous […]

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Mon. 09/30/19

Michael Kors Sends NYFW 2019 Crowd on High Note at Duggal Greenhouse

Michael Kors is the latest fashion designer to dazzle at the Duggal Greenhouse, after luring New York Fashion Week 2019 spectators to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for his Spring 2020 show. Kors is known for […]

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