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Sony ‘SheepCam’ to Debut at Tour De France

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Sony ‘SheepCam’ to Debut at Tour De France


Ewe gotta be kiddin’ me!

In one of the most unusual publicity stunts in recent memory, electronics giant Sony will strap AS100VR ActionCams to a flock of sheep during the Yorkshire stage of the 2014 Tour De France.

As the world-famous bicycle race kicks off in the UK for the first time ever, local farmer Ian Hammond teamed up with Sony, volunteering five of his sheep to be videographers during the cyclists’ first stage through Yorkshire.

Hammond will control the cameras using a remote control, but it’s anyone’s guess whether his ovine crew will give him a decent vantage point to capture all the action.

“Locally we are really looking forward to the Tour de France coming through Yorkshire,” Hammond said. “The dales certainly are a good test for cyclists and I’m looking forward to seeing how my flock perform as Sony’s first ever sheepcam.”

Is this a baaaaaaaad idea?  Stay tuned for the footage to find out.