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Sophie Spinelle Empowers Women with Pin-Up Photo Portraits

Curators’ Corner

Sophie Spinelle Empowers Women with Pin-Up Photo Portraits

Sophie Spinelle Rosie Empowerment

According to a 2011 survey by Glamour magazine, women experience 13 negative thoughts about their body each day, while an astounding 97% of women have at least one “I hate my body” moment each day.

The staff at Shameless Photography is making every effort to change this negative self-perception. The New York and San Francisco-based company has made it their mission to “create a space for women to feel safe, beautiful, and empowered” by transforming them into “bombshell” pin-up girls.

Sophie Spinelle, a San Francisco native, launched Shameless Photography in 2009 to combat women’s lack of confidence in their bodies. Whether the subject is black, white, young, old, petite, voluptuous or pregnant makes no difference. Spinelle prides her business on every woman leaving the photo shoot a happier, more confident person.

Clients choose from an array of services – the Bombshell Package, Vixen Package, Femme Fatale Package and Calendar Girl Package – all of which promise a complete makeover with a range of sexy outfits to try on and a designated time in front of the camera. In the photos, women are decked out in flirty lingerie, thigh-high stockings and short skirts, boldly showing off their bodies in ways they never imagined. Although some wrinkles and blemishes are removed in post-production, Shameless vows to never tamper with a woman’s body shape.   Raw, unaltered beauty emanates from every photograph.

“I’ve learned how rare confidence really is, and how precious,” Spinelle told the Huffington Post. “You’d be amazed how many truly beautiful people have no idea that they’re beautiful, and it has a huge affect on what they feel is possible for their lives.”

While the subjects’ spouses and friends obviously get a kick out of the cheeky photographs, Spinelle stresses that the main audience for the pinups are the women themselves.

“I hope that when they look at these images, they can see how truly powerful, inspiring, and soul-deep beautiful they really are.”

To view more Shameless pin-up girls, head over to the company’s website. Also, if you enjoyed this story, check out how photographer Benjamin Von Wong transformed ordinary office workers into ripped athletes.

Sophie Spinelle Woman burning bra

Sophie Spinelle Woman Painting

Sophie Spinelle Woman Holding Comic book

Sophie Spinelle

Photos courtesy of Shameless Photography