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Sports Teams Turn to Fan Cutouts to Fill Stands


Sports Teams Turn to Fan Cutouts to Fill Stands

As previously sidelined sports leagues including MLB, MLS, the NBA and the NHL press forward with plans to restart during the coronavirus pandemic, teams are getting creative to put fans in the stands.

Unfortunately, putting actual fans in the stands will not be part of the game plan quite yet due to the ongoing public health risk of large gatherings. Instead, we’ll be seeing uncannily silent crowds of cardboard cutouts. 

MLB’s San Francisco Giants first sent a letter to season ticket holders introducing the Giants Fan Cut Out Program, inviting them to send photos of themselves to be printed at life size and placed in their seats. Non-season ticket holders can participate for a $99 fee. Several MLB teams have since followed suit, throwing their own unique curveballs.

“Response has been extremely strong,” Oakland Athletics president Dave Kaval told CNBC. “People are especially interested in the foul ball dunk, where if your cutout gets hit, we send you the authenticated ball to your house.” 

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In Milwaukee, the Brewers are giving fans the chance to see their cutouts on TV when they join the “Cutout Crew.” 

“We miss our fans and wanted to come up with a creative way for them to participate in the action this year,” said Brewers President – Business Operations Rick Schlesinger. “While nothing can replace the energy and passion of our loyal fans in the stands, the Cutout Crew is a unique way we can welcome familiar faces for now at Miller Park.”

Printing, for the win. We wish all players a safe return to play and all fans flattering photos for their cutouts.