Starbucks: Brand Messaging Through Architecture & Design

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Starbucks: Brand Messaging Through Architecture & Design


In each of its 21,000+ stores around the world, Starbucks creates a warm local atmosphere that both shares and expands upon its commitment to the environment and global community.

Ethical trade practices and environmental stewardship are pillars of the Starbucks way, and these values are communicated visually through architecture and interior design. Starbucks has stepped away from the cookie cutter system that plagues so many large franchises, instead offering a visual atmosphere and ambiance unique to every store and local culture, custom-designed with unconventional materials and environmental consciousness.

To The Beat: Embracing Bleecker Street Records in NYC’s West Village

One of the newest Starbucks, 239 Bleecker Street in the heart of NYC’s hip West Village, is much more than a neighborhood coffee shop. Music buffs and longtime residents will recognize this address as Village icon Bleecker Street Records. Faded are the days of the vinyl record store culture, yet the timeless symbol of their memory remains. Starbucks fully embraced the heritage of the location, calling on Duggal to infuse and seal strips of vintage record labels into two large wood community tables. Together, the tables serve as both a visual and physical centerpiece, playing perfectly to the bohemian character of the neighborhood and encouraging customers to sit and chat.



An Urban Oasis in Times Square

In Times Square, etched images of foliage on slate welcome guests to an urban oasis coffee shop at 43rd Street and Broadway. The jumbo architectural panels are installed both above and along the base of the coffee bar. What appears as slate, though, is actually a unique material made from recycled compressed paper, an innovative solution that impacts the mind with the same striking effect as stone. This store’s design is a nod to creativity, integrity and social responsibility, visually complementing Starbucks’ fair trade practices and quality coffee.



Inspired Eco-Imaging

After accompanying Starbucks at the 2013 AIA Convention as a preferred visual and material consultant, Duggal Visual Solutions introduced the eco-friendly, slate alternative material used at 43rd and Broadway for a collection of eco-education tiles. Thousands of pieces for global in-store placement showcase Starbucks’ use of sustainable materials, energy-efficient technology, water conservation, LED lighting, recycling and more. This material itself became the inspiration for broader creative use, with Duggal consulting on how to execute production in large format.



Fashion, Art & Coffee: A Grand Slam Partnership

In April 2014, global retailer UNIQLO announced a partnership with Starbucks and the nearby Museum of Modern Art. SPRZ NY, a hybrid museum-coffeehouse hangout draws a daily frenzy as customers pour in to experience a new type of retail. The store’s newly remodeled second floor is lined with hundreds of clothing items and accessories featuring the works of legendary artists, a gallery space that is anchored by a full-service Starbucks.

An exclusive partnership of this magnitude called for exceptional visuals. With Duggal’s expertise, Starbucks SPRZ NY glows with sleek LED lighting illuminating the coffee bar. Perhaps most impressive, though, are direct-printed Starbucks-branded cement sheets at both ends of the coffee shop.




Our Role

Duggal is extremely proud of our role as Starbucks’ graphics and material production consultant. We are privileged to innovate and develop new solutions for their ever-expanding commitment to the environment and communities they serve.