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Start Your Storefronts! Creative Window Display Styles for Reopening


Start Your Storefronts! Creative Window Display Styles for Reopening

With retail stores slowly reopening across the U.S., brands are finding new ways to redefine the in-store experience with a focus on safety. But before you can expect customers to enter your store, you need to entice them with a combination of brand messaging and product marketing. 

Window displays have always been key to creating foot traffic and are now even more crucial as consumers remain wary of the coronavirus. Here are a few solutions to bring your storefront back to life:

Adhesive Vinyl

Duggal has produced countless window displays using vinyl graphics of all shapes and sizes. Adhesive vinyl applies flawlessly and removes easily when you leave the installation to our experts. 


Laser and Router Cutting

Our laser cutters and router cutting machines are capable of X, Y and Z cutting on a wide variety of materials including acrylics, Sintra, Gatorboard, rubber, fabrics, mirrors, wood, leather and metals. In turn, we are able to provide dimensional lettering, box making, fine art cutouts, topographical displays and other unique pieces.

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Duggal designs and fabricates energy-efficient lightboxes that transform retail storefronts with dazzling high brightness and color consistent LEDs. Our UL-listed facility designs and engineers these custom, illuminated displays ranging from ultra-thin LED snap frame to massive, grand format fabric.

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Animated Light

Our LUMIPIXELS™ displays create a uniquely harmonious blend of light and graphics by employing proprietary light tiles. These displays are the next generation of lightboxes. Best of all, they can be reskinned and reprogrammed with ease to create a brand-new display within the same base unit, making them a one-time investment with ongoing allure and endless creativity.


Digital Signage

Prior to the pandemic, digital signage was emerging simply alongside the digital age. Billboards, retail graphics and other displays both in stores and in outdoor advertising have been migrating to digital because digital is what consumers expect. The age of the coronavirus, however, has nudged digital signage from a “nice to have” to a “must have” for brick and mortar retailers—especially those with many locations nationally or internationally. See how pairing digital signage with a content management system can make your window messaging more nimble.