Staten Island Ferry’s Floating Art Gallery

Curators’ Corner

Staten Island Ferry’s Floating Art Gallery

The Staten Island Ferry is probably the last place on Earth you would expect to find an art gallery, but for the next week, the iconic boat will showcase artwork from the New York City Department of Transportation’s #SIFerry photo contest.

Staten Island residents and fans of the famous nautical commuter were challenged to capture an image that best exemplifies the ferry’s importance to NYC.

SI natives Dawn Russell, John Vierno and Sean Sweeney were among the five winners of the contest.

Vierno, a self-described photography hobbyist, snapped the Whitehall Ferry Terminal’s neon entrance sign.

 John Vierno’s winning entry

Dawn Russell captured a brilliant photo of passengers soaking up the sunshine from the ferry’s third level.


Dawn Russell’s winning entry

Sweeney took the top prize with his incredible black and white photo of the ferry and Manhattan’s skyline looming in the background.


Sean Sweeney’s winning entry

Whether you’re a SI resident or an intrigued tourist, don’t miss this chance to check out Staten Island’s floating art gallery. It’ll be gone before you know it.