Stay Creative in Winter: Top 3 Ways to Beat the Blues

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Stay Creative in Winter: Top 3 Ways to Beat the Blues

It’s the dead of winter up north (and in parts of the south, too). If there’s a month on the calendar that tests your patience and motivation, we’d say it’s February. The bliss of the holidays has passed, and snow is now more of a nuisance than a scenic backdrop. There are tinges of warmth in nature toward the end of the month, but spring is still weeks away.

The winter blues are real. In fact, a segment of the population becomes so severely distraught by winter’s grip that they meet the clinical criteria for seasonal affective disorder (SAD). For creatives, who thrive on inspiration and draw from their environment to turn air into art, winter can take a toll on their ability to produce.

Are you feeling like you might have a mild case of winter depression? Here are a few tips to snap out of the freeze:

Learn New Things

Sure, there’s nothing like sitting in a park on a warm spring day and reading a book. But, cozying up at home with a cup of hot tea can be equally enjoyable. Embrace the idea of not going outside by picking new topics to read up on. If you’re in marketing or advertising, there is an endless sea of learning. Likewise, if you’re a photographer looking to grow your business, you will never run out of insightful books, articles, webinars and classes.

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Try a New Medium

We mentioned this in our New Year’s resolutions for creatives, and we can’t endorse the concept enough. Many of us here at Duggal have artistic passions that we’re constantly expanding upon. Designers can gain a ton of perspective by picking up a paintbrush, while photographers and artists can hone their eye by studying design.

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Get Healthy

Most creatives sit for hours on end, staring at a computer screen. The negative health impacts of sitting for long periods of time have been studied and shown time and time again, so take winter as a chance to refine your lifestyle. Eat healthy, be social, get up from your desk every hour or two, work out a few times a week, and get enough sleep. Do these things and you’ll find yourself feeling sharp and focused, even if the world around you is blah.

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What do you do to stay inspired in the cold winter months? Share your thoughts with out creative community in the comments below.