Strook – Found Objects Into Art on the Streets of Belgium

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Strook – Found Objects Into Art on the Streets of Belgium

“Strook” is the artistic project of Stefaan De Croock, a Belgian street artist who has garnered critical acclaim across multiple continents.

Using recycled wood such as discarded furniture, doors, and other found objects, De Croock creates beautiful mosaic murals on the sides of abandoned buildings. Aiming to let the objects speak for themselves in his work, Strook doesn’t repaint or resurface any of his found materials. His installation “Elsewhere” was commissioned for Mechelen Muurt, and placed on the side of an old furniture factory in Mechelen, Belgium.

Strook Elsewhere

Strook elsewhere longshot

Strook elsewhere Install

“Every recycled sculpture or mural has it own story. In this case, the wall on which I constructed the installation was also an inspiration,” he told Modern Met. “The melancholic, fragile pose of the figure symbolizes a person in the comfort of his home, where he is truly himself.”

Most, if not all, of Stefaan De Croock’s work involves these beautifully stunning geometric mosaics. Whether relying on wood, and other acquired materials, or spray paint, each individual piece is captivating in its own right.

Strook detail

Another wonderful piece put up in the streets of Belgium, is a study of both mediums. “Wood and Paint” is a “kind of conversation between different materials.”

Strook wood & paint

Depicting the profiles of a male and female looking at each other. The rough, and textured appearance of the semi-painted wooden image perfectly contrasts the clean, smooth, and popping pigment featured in the painted accompaniment. Strook explains “That’s what it’s all about; we are all so different and yet so identical.”

His work has been highlighted in multiple countries, and he continues to work on his recycled wood installations. “Wood & Paint” was featured at #14 of Huffington Post’s “Most Influential Acts of Street Art Around The World” for 2014.

For more images of Strook’s art, as well as short films depicting the creating of “Elsewhere” and “Wood & Paint,” check out his website