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Submerged Garden: Andrea Bonfils Underwater Floral Photographs Dazzle for Florida Hilton Hotel Project

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Submerged Garden: Andrea Bonfils Underwater Floral Photographs Dazzle for Florida Hilton Hotel Project

Duggal client Andrea Bonfils stunning underwater floral photography was recently installed as the lobby centerpiece for the Hilton Ocala hotel in Ocala, Florida. The vibrant large scale photographs have received an enthusiastic response so far according to the hotel’s developer, George Rendell of Meyer Jabara Hotels.

Andrea Bonfils Install

Three panels situated behind the front desk each stretch from floor to ceiling at a 70 inch width by 116 inches in height. Overseen by Duggal Sales Rep, Ruchika Attri, Duggal’s printing department produced Bonfils’ elegantly rendered and digitally manipulated orchids and florals, larger than life, on Glossy Digital C Paper. The photographs were then face mounted to 1/4″ clear Gallery Plexiglass and backed with 1/8″ Sintra and Aluminum Braces to hang. The design of the images allowed for a near seamless presentation of the work enhancing the submersive, relaxing vibes of the art.

Andrea Bonfils Hilton Lobby

The material and installation choices for the project, collaboratively determined by Duggal and Bonfils, enhance the artworks dual effect of creating a spa like getaway feeling in a coastal region, as well as a sense of excitement and discovery. According to Bonfils’, “ I’m primarily drawn to the wonders of nature and our humanity within. I’ve spent countless hours following majestic bands of wild horses, staring above in bird sanctuaries or submerged while documenting color, mood, fluidity and light in underwater movement. My reverence towards the natural world becomes evident in my underwater flowers which appear larger than life. It alters one’s perspective, hopefully dwarfing the viewer and sparking a visceral deference to our environment.”

Andrea Bonfils Prints

Bonfils, an ongoing client, who has worked on photographic prints, lenticular pieces and fine art books with Duggal in the past, worked with a trusted and efficient team already well versed in deliver photo and print services customized to her artistic needs. Based on past experimentation and analysis of materials together, the choice of Digital C prints (for their exquisite detail and color)  as well as plexi (to enhance a sense of depth and create a shiny, wet aesthetic) are known to be the perfect fit for Bonfils’ underwater floral photographs.

Andrea Bonfils Prints 2

Duggal’s worldwide shipping capabilities proved to be an asset in the coordination and execution of the works packing, shipping and installation in Florida on schedule. Another key player in the initiation and production of the project was CODAwork, a company at the heart of the commissioned art economy.

Andrea Bonfils Andrea Bonfils