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Submitting for a Contract Proof

We recently received a great question about what file format submission would be best for contract proofs.

What kind of file do I have to submit to get a contract proof?

Submitting your project files to ensure proper contract proofs and prints has never been easier at Duggal!

No matter how big or small your project might be you just have to follow these simple guidelines. After finalizing your project save it as a print ready .PDF, .TIF, or .EPS file and you’re set!

The process of generating contract proofs has become extremely efficient and accurate since direct to plate proofing was incorporated as the standard for proofing by the printing industry over a decade ago.

For the most professional results ensure that your print ready files are in high-resolution 300dpi format. If you inadvertently save your project in a lower resolution such as 72dpi any images and text will print out with undesirable artifacts. If you have additional questions on this please feel free to contact us at