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Taking Recess on the Road

DVS Project

Taking Recess on the Road

Recess founder and CEO Benjamin Witte knows the power of a brand.

“We’re bigger than the beverage,” Witte told Adweek in response to CBD water copycats hitting the market. “It’s this feeling of being calm, cool, collected. That’s why there’s this deep connection to the brand and why our community is going out of the way to go to bat for us and defend us.”

After bringing a Recess pop-up shop to life in a little over a week flat, Duggal earned Recess’ repeat business. The van that takes the pop-up furniture and graphics on the road is now a moving advertisement itself, thanks to a vinyl vehicle wrap coordinated by Duggal’s Ryan Shorr.

We’re here for any and all of the visuals you need, Recess—“calm cool collected,” just like you.

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