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The 3 Allures of B&W Fiber Prints


The 3 Allures of B&W Fiber Prints

Hand-done, archival B&W fiber prints combine classic black and white photography with gallery-quality printing to deliver truly timeless photo prints. Even in a world of color and digital media, these prints never go out of style. Here are a few reasons why professional photographers and collectors alike swoon for B&W fiber prints.


  1. Classic Technique

Duggal Visual Solutions produces high-quality fiber prints, also known as silver gelatin prints, using the traditional darkroom technique. It’s a slow and careful process, carried out by skilled professionals who uphold the honor of the craft. Between the ingredients required to create a special coating and the tedious nature of working by hand rather than machine, fiber prints are usually only available from time-tested photo labs like Duggal.

From Geisha Ink by Reka Nyari


  1. Archival Prints

Whether you’re an emerging photographer or seasoned pro, you want your prints to look and feel as important to others as the images are to you. Archival prints—meaning prints that are designed to be displayed and preserved for an extended period of time—add a sense of significance with double weight paper, superior tone and stunning depth.

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From 7 For All Mankind 


  1. B&W Appeal

Black and white photo prints are known to capture lighting, shadows, texture and contrast that might often go overlooked in a busier color print. PhotographyVox writes:

“Many fine art photographers prefer black and white images for their tendency to distance the subject matter from reality. Humans see the world in color, and a rendition of the world in monochrome makes us pause and look closely. Removing color from a picture helps the viewer to focus on a subject’s emotional state. Black and white portraiture lets the audience see the subject’s face and read his or her eyes without distraction.”

Want to see your work come to life on handmade archival B&W fiber prints? Learn more about Duggal’s photographic lab services and contact us to speak with a fine art printing consultant. 

From Sony Square