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The ABCs of a Successful Event

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The ABCs of a Successful Event

A successful event is contingent on many moving parts. Having hosted and produced visuals for countless large-scale events at our flagship venue, the Duggal Greenhouse, we have compiled the A-Z cheat sheet for a meaningful, memorable and impactful outing.

A – Always invest in a top-notch venue. 

B – Branding is everything.

C – Compatibility The event’s theme, venue and visuals should match up with the expectations of your guests.

D – Desirable – What makes your event a must? Keynote speakers, activities and networking are just a few ways to add value.

E – Every Square Foot Don’t just use the venue; maximize it.

F – Fun Of course.

G – Gifts – A welcoming or parting gift can be a nice takeaway for attendees.

H – Hungry – As in, your guests are probably going to get hungry. What’s on the menu?

I – Interesting – People are choosing to take time out of their lives to attend your event. What will interest them?

J – Jokes – A little bit of lightheartedness goes a long way.

 K – Knowledge – Be prepared to answer any category of question from your guests. Having knowledge of the space, the area and anything that might bring confusion will come in handy come the day of the event.

L – Lightboxes – Humans are naturally drawn to light. Consider a lightbox to illuminate your message.

M – Money – Budgeting is absolutely crucial. 

N – New – A lot of people go to a lot of events. What is new and exciting at yours?

O – Orientation – Checking in for the event needs to be fast and easy.

P – Programming – Figure out who your audience is and what they will enjoy. Then, tailor your programming accordingly. 

Q – Quitting Time – Set expectations about the parameters of the event, specifically when it’s time for the event to end (and perhaps the after party to begin). 

R – Ratings We’re in a ratings-driven world. If you plan on having your event annually, think about ways to enable guests to leave positive reviews online.

S – Signage Conferences and events in general require signage of all kinds: directional, informational, marketing, etc. At Duggal, we are visual experts who can help with any and every type of signage you might need.

T – Timing What time of year are you thinking about having your event? Are there any other events you might be competing against? 

U – Uplifting In addition to having fun and being interested, guests love to be uplifted with an inspiring message.

 V – Victory Meaning you should throw your event team a victory party when all is said and done. Reward them for their hard work!

W – Welcome It’s a simple, but often overlooked aspect of event planning. Make sure someone is there to give guests a warm welcome.

X – X-Factor The x-factor in any event, we believe, is visual messaging. 

Y – You Remember to have a good time alongside your guests. 

Z – Zoom Once the event is over, zoom out and debrief on what went right, what could be improved upon next time, and how to leverage the event in your future marketing.

Looking for a New York City venue that can provide a blank canvas for you to accomplish all of the above? Discover the Duggal Greenhouse.