The Artistic Side of Duraclear Film


The Artistic Side of Duraclear Film

Duraclear film is a trademarked product from Kodak, best described as a polyester-based film for backlit imagery. The light source highlights details that might otherwise be muted or disregarded.

Context Matters

The location of your Duraclear film is just as important as the image itself. You should always try to match the tone of your environment with the design and production of your creation. If your image will be seen at a sporting event, tradeshow, museum, shopping center or any other prominent setting, use that as a thought starter for how you should approach the design.

Choosing Your Words Carefully

Duraclear, as suggested in its name, offers a clear viewing experience where the backdrop is transparent, meaning any written content will really “pop.” This is in contrast to Duratrans, also a trademarked product of Kodak offering a similar aesthetic but with a milkier appearance. Therefore, keep in mind that any messaging in your Duraclear print project is going to be very noticeable due to the way the lighting intensifies the content.

Follow the Light

Humans are naturally drawn to light; thus it is imperative that you consider your artistic hierarchy when creating your piece. We always recommend reminding yourself of your objectives. Are you simply trying to draw in viewers, or are you intending to get your message across? Whatever the goal may be, remember that the lighting source is a unique addition that you can use creatively to enhance the impact of your creation.

Duraclear at Duggal

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