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The Brooklyn Bridge – Reimagined in Letterpress Type

Curators’ Corner

The Brooklyn Bridge – Reimagined in Letterpress Type

New York’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge has been brought to life by thousands of artists throughout its 131-year history, but never quite like this.

Florida-based artist Cameron Moll has awed the artistic community with a new poster of the cherished landmark reimagined entirely in letterpress type.

The breathtaking 24×16 poster took 300+ meticulous hours to complete, but as Moll writes on his website, the entire process stretched over three years:

“In October 2010, I visited Brooklyn for the first time to study one of the world’s most stunning bridges. I immediately fell in love. Three years later, I launched a Kickstarter project to help fund printing of the artwork. The time spent designing the artwork was more than 300 hours, but the time spent doing research—trips to Brooklyn, studying the bridge, selecting typefaces, thoroughly annotating The Great Bridge—is easily double or triple that amount.”

At first glance, the text within the artwork appears to have only one purpose – reconstructing the world’s most famous bridge. However, Moll urges fans to read more closely, hinting the existence of ‘a metric tonne’ of hidden messages, names and historical references to the bridge’s construction and importance in Brooklyn over the years.

Although this project might prove to be his most renowned, Moll is no stranger to reimagining famous structures in type. He previously completed type-themed posters of the Salt Lake Temple and Roman Colosseum.

To purchase a copy of Moll’s Brooklyn Bridge typography poster, or to see a selection of his other work, visit his website.

All images © Cameron Moll