The Construction of Landmarks

Curators’ Corner

The Construction of Landmarks

We live in a very built-up world, don’t we? Construction is certainly never-ending, especially in big cities, but the majority of landmarks have been standing for quite some time.

Stop whatever you’re doing and picture this: empty land in place of the Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Los Angeles City Hall, etc. – Pretty hard to picture, huh? Now try and imagine those structures being built from scratch – Mind-blowing.

When we came across a compilation of vintage photos of iconic manmade wonders, we were amazed. We simply had to share it with you. Click here to be taken as far back as the 1869 construction of the Washington Monument. You’ll definitely find a new appreciation for the famous buildings, bridges and monuments many of us take for granted.

P.S., this Golden Gate Bridge picture…is terrifying: