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The Easy Way to Brighten a Hotel Lobby


The Easy Way to Brighten a Hotel Lobby

With reimagined lobbies on the list of hospitality design trends for 2020, leading hotel brands are transforming what might have once been considered a place that guests pass through into a space they can now enjoy. However, a full renovation might not always be necessary. Consider installing a lightbox to start.

The Allure of the Lightbox

LED lightboxes have become increasingly popular in hotels, thanks to their combination of eye-catching graphics, long-term sustainability and, in many cases, sheer size. Grand format lightboxes can be as large as 15 by 45 feet! On the flipside, smaller models can be engineered to be ultra-thin for a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

The Ease of the Image Swap

One of the benefits of a lightbox is that the fixture itself is a one-time cost, while the graphic that attaches to it can be reproduced quickly and cost-effectively at any time. In other words, you can “swap” graphics for the seasons, new promotions, or just a change of scenery.

The Addition of Motion

Duggal Visual Solutions is taking the traditional lightbox to new heights with LUMIPIXELS™. These unique displays combine animated light and graphics to create an atmosphere of pure distinction. RGB modules produce alternating colors across the color spectrum, creating an animation effect. The modulating density allows the graphics to be animated in conjunction with a color print for a layered effect.

A Trusted Partner in Hospitality Design

Duggal works with hospitality designers, architects and brands to produce stunning visuals that elevate the guest experience. Lightboxes are just one of the many solutions we offer. See the full list and contact us to start your project.

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