The Great Wall of Jell-O

Curators’ Corner

The Great Wall of Jell-O


First thoughts that come to mind about bricks-and-mortar are usually durability, security and solidity, but Brooklyn-based artists Lisa Hein and Robert Seng have altered this thought. During the duo’s three-week wall installation, the concrete elements normally used to create brick blocks were replaced with a well-known household snack – Jello-O.

Entitled Bruise, the Jell-O bricks are mixed, cooked and laid on site. Much like concrete, Jell-O starts as powder, makes its way into liquid form, and then solidifies into any molded shape. These flubbery colorful morsels make for a mouthwatering stained-glass-like installation; however, overtime, the gelatinous molds start to melt and decay, and all that’s left is a mortar frame.

As the installation deteriorates from bottom to top, Bruise calls attention to society’s everlasting and diverse relationship with food as well as the process of disintegration caused by natural surroundings. Some things are built to last; this installation isn’t one of them.

If you find you’re still hungry after reading this, visit Bruise on display at Seattle Center from 11 am to 6 pm until September 8, 2014.