The Lennons Come Together- Julian Lennon and Duggal

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The Lennons Come Together- Julian Lennon and Duggal

This past September Duggal Visual Solutions worked with Timothy White and Julian Lennon to produce his debut photography exhibition, Timeless at the Morrison Gallery in New York City.

I have always felt that I have observed life, in a different way than others; probably because my life has been very different than most. Music has always been one creative outlet for me, but now I’m happy to add another one too, that being photography.”  Julian Lennon

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Julian Lennon visited Duggal to review his test prints with us about 2:50 minutes in.

The exhibition was a true success and Duggal is excited to have been a part of it.

I never knew how complicated the process of printing professionally really was! To have to check & recheck until all aspect are just right. To test different paper for different themes/styles etc. I guess I can relate musically to the process more than anything. It’s a question of making sure all of the right elements come together, in just the right way, so that the final result is hopefully, a thing of beauty.  And without question, Duggal was one of those elements. It was a pleasure working with them & hopefully we’ll continue to do so, in the years to come.” – Julian Lennon

Keep your eyes open for the next issue of Digital Photo Pro Magazine where you will find an even more in depth look at Julian Lennon’s debut exhibition.