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The Macallan Manor: An Old-World Whisky Experience

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The Macallan Manor: An Old-World Whisky Experience

Founded in 1824 in northeast Scotland, The Macallan is one of the world’s most storied distilleries. Whisky newcomers and connoisseurs alike covet The Macallan’s single malt whiskies matured in oak casks, which impart color, character, and quality.

The Macallan Manor: 12 year bottle

Gaining momentum in the U.S. market, The Macallan is bringing a unique and engaging experience to nine American cities in Fall 2018. The Macallan Manor “transforms historic, old-world manors into luxury, first-class tasting experiences, blending the sensorial with storytelling and converting new consumers to Scotch whisky fans,” according to a press release.

The Macallan Manor: Man in front of window

“Attendees of The Macallan Manor can expect one-of-a-kind immersive tastings taking place in unexpected locations such as an oak forest with flavor-enhancing flowers imported from the Amazonian rainforest, or a cooperage in Spain, to name a few,” the release explains. “Additionally, guests can expect an unusual food menu – featuring edible clouds for starters – masterfully paired with The Macallan and designed to stimulate and intensify an already premium whisky-tasting experience.”

The Macallan Manor: Tasting room

IVY adds: “Guests will taste their way through The Macallan’s expressions and learn the unique qualities of their whisky through the ‘6 pillars’ of education. You will be transported through distant lands for feasting, storytelling, and tasting, so prepare your imagination and your palate for a sensational event.”

The Macallan Manor: Red room

Duggal Visual Solutions’ Faith Young was called on by experiential creative agency, Arch Production and Design, and designer, Adam Aleksander, to produce several elements for the Macallan Manor’s September opening in New York City. Pictured below, the large, translucent flags and CAD Cut vinyl graphics contributed to a truly immersive environment.

The Macallan Manor CAD CUT

The Macallan Manor

To learn more and apply to visit The Macallan Manor, visit For those who like to read up before attending events, this article from VinePair offers a dozen interesting facts about The Macallan distillery and its famous Scotch whisky.

The Macallan Manor CAD CUT