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The Power of Digital Retouching


The Power of Digital Retouching

While the name might be somewhat self-explanatory, the usefulness of digital retouching in the professional world goes far beyond “Photoshopping.” Digital retouching has become so advanced that just about any imperfection can be altered. As you scroll through images posted to social media platforms, flip through the pages of any magazine, or admire the breathtaking images taken by photographers in a gallery, the vast majority have been digitally retouched.

Digital Retouching in 2019

Digital retouching is getting more advanced as we speak and has become a pillar of creative services. It is unlikely that any ad you come by in 2019 will not contain some degree of digital retouching. It might be in modifying the lighting, removing facial blemishes, or eliminating unwanted features from the original photograph.

As the influence of social media continues to emerge, the reputation of digital retouching is diversifying. But overall, the goal in digital retouching is to reasonably and ethically enhance image quality. When retouching becomes misleading, deceiving or distracting, its purpose is lost—and its impact often counterproductive.

Digital Retouching at Duggal

Duggal Visual Solutions has dozens of retouching experts working out of its Brooklyn creative studio and ready to consult with you on your imagery. Digital retouching is incredibly tedious and time-consuming. Rather than spend your time tackling this task, outsource it to the retouchers at Duggal. We understand and uphold the balance between photo manipulation and authentic image enhancement. Learn more about our retouching services and contact us to get started.