The Ultimate NYC Souvenir

Curators’ Corner

The Ultimate NYC Souvenir


The souvenir is an important component of the tourist experience, with most tourists bringing back mementos and sentimental gifts as evidence of a trip completed. London-based designer Chris Godfrey — like many travelers — wanted to buy friends and family keepsakes from his two-month-long trip to New York City. He was challenged with everyday mass-produced trinkets, each lacking individuality or exclusivity. Accordingly, Godfrey designed his own.

Comprised of over 30 Statue of Liberty-themed knickknacks, Souvenir is one of a kind, ironically created from commonplace tokens. Godfrey combined his collection of items inside a large silicone mold with clear resin, setting the form for 24 hours. The finished product is a transparent Lady Liberty standing full with iPhone cases, shot glasses, bottle openers, and sunglasses tucked within her frame.

“Most of the souvenirs were dismantled, this included un-screwing, grating and good old smashing,” explained Godfrey. Dismantling the objects ensured the figurine was a complete one off, as if everything had been placed in the frame full size, it could potentially be reproduced. This way, nearly every item exists as its own unique size and shape, symbolically representing the best of NYC while also replicating that triumphant feeling of discovery one has when visiting a new place.


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