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This is the Next Generation of the Lightbox


This is the Next Generation of the Lightbox

For decades, Duggal Visual Solutions has maintained its standing at the top of the global printing and graphics industry, the longevity largely attributed to an ongoing investment in new technology and innovation.

Our Brooklyn-based InnoLab is where Duggal’s in-house artists and engineers bring new products to market. One of the team’s most recent successes is LUMIPIXELS™, a new iteration of the traditional lightbox bringing motion into the picture.

Illuminate the Experience

LUMIPIXELS™ exude a harmonious blend of animated light and graphics. Essentially, RGB modules produce alternating colors across the color spectrum, creating an animation effect. The modulating density allows the graphics to be animated in conjunction with a color print for a layered effect.

Even better, LUMIPIXELS™ are evergreen displays, meaning the graphics can be swapped out simply by changing the media card. This makes the technology more flexible and cost-effective.

When to Use an Animated Lightbox

LUMIPIXELS™ make an especially strong impact in large retail and hospitality spaces. For example, luxury real estate developers are placing them in showrooms to bring city views to life before units are actually built. The Duggal InnoLab has installed cityscape showroom displays in several high-end buildings in New York and Los Angeles.

All LUMIPIXELS™ units are custom-built and programmed, allowing us to create any size up to 16’ in height by any length. To learn more, visit

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