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This NBA-Themed Tissot Boutique is a Slam Dunk

DVS Project

This NBA-Themed Tissot Boutique is a Slam Dunk

Entering its fourth year as the Official Watch of the NBA, Tissot continues to bring a champion’s mentality to a partnership that has seen state-of-the-art shot clocks installed in every NBA arena, several collections of team watches sold globally, and most recently, a fully branded Hour Passion store in New York City’s Herald Square.

Swatch Group, owners of both Tissot and Hour Passion, called on Duggal to produce a lineup of in-store visuals including LED light boxes, fabric graphics and adhesive vinyl. Having worked with Swatch Group U.S. for years, Duggal’s Michael Algios was able to lead our fabrication, dye-sublimation and digital printing team in producing an impressive and immersive retail showcase. See photos below.

Tissot Swatch NBA

Tissot Boutique NBA Wall Banner

Tissot Wall Fabric Frames