Tiny Figurines Explore Big World

Curators’ Corner

Tiny Figurines Explore Big World

They say it’s a small world, but the tiny subjects belonging to photographer Kurt Moses beg to differ.

Since 2010, Moses has been placing miniature toys in real-life macro shots for his ongoing series, Un Petite Monde. Similarly to Zev Hoover’s work, Moses’ scenes are lighthearted, playful and tickling to the imagination.

“My goal is to initiate a storyline and capture an evocative photo that allows the viewers to draw their own conclusions about the scene they are observing,” Moses says. “Ultimately, I strive to create a whimsical and enticing photograph that will capture the viewers’ imagination and allow them to dream up their own conclusions…or just smile.”

Moses travels with his wife, Edwige, who helps coordinate the legwork while he focuses on creating his shots. He uses a fisheye lens with a shallow depth of field to capture dreamy macro scenes and often handcrafts miniature props to accompany his one-inch-tall figurines, many of which he has had since his childhood.

Moses’ images are simply fun – Check out a few below, and click here to drift away into Un Petite Monde.

All images © Kurt Moses