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Tips for Shooting in Black and White

Techniques/ Tips

Tips for Shooting in Black and White

Here are just a few tips for shooting black and white photography:

1) Shoot in RAW: Not all cameras can shoot in RAW but if yours can use it to increase the tonal range and retain finer details in textures, gradients and shadows. Shooting in RAW also gives you more options for post processing.

2) Shoot in Color: If you aren’t shooting in RAW, shoot in color (for more control) and then convert to black and white later in post production. Having the color information in the original photograph allows you to more fine-tune the final results – de-saturate specific colors, use filters to adjust contrast and shades, mix color channels and shift hues.

3) Capture Fine Details:  Capturing the details in texture, shape, form, contrast and tones (using lighting) are part of the essence of black and white photography. Using soft light gives tones, hard light enhances contrast and angular light accentuates textures and form.



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These are just a few of Duggal’s suggestions and ideas to aid you in exploring the world of photography. There are many ways to approach photography and countless ways to capture the image you want.  Please feel free to share some of your own ideas and comments below!