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Top 3 Retail Applications for Antimicrobial Glass


Top 3 Retail Applications for Antimicrobial Glass

As shoppers return to stores and malls after months of being quarantined in their homes, retailers must take every measure possible to create a safe environment. That means implementing not only the widely publicized measures such as social distancing and deep cleanings, but also those that might not be as visible or well-known to consumers.

Duggal Visual Solutions has been incorporating antimicrobial glass into its visual displays since long before the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to use this technology in new and creative ways. 


Public Touchscreens

Antimicrobial glass is made with silver ions that eliminate surface bacteria, making it the ideal solution for communal touchscreens such as ATMs, information kiosks and self-ordering stations. A small branded graphic stating that a touchscreen has antimicrobial glass can help to reassure customers and reduce post-pandemic behavior that might damage the screen, such as spraying it with sanitizer.


Digital Signage

Large and hard-to-reach fixtures are difficult to sanitize daily. Building digital signage with antimicrobial glass gives staff members an extra hand in maintaining the cleanest atmosphere possible. The displays must still be cleaned manually—but they will be working on their own to fight bacteria as well.


Point-of-Sale Systems

Part of the reason why retail shutdowns were necessary in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus is because the nature of an in-person transaction exposes both the consumer and the cashier to the transmission of pathogens. Just like face coverings have become a symbol of mutual respect, an antimicrobial point-of-sale system shows that a brand is willing to go the extra step to protect its employees and customers alike.

Looking to bring antimicrobial glass into your ongoing fight against COVID-19? Don’t stop there; explore Duggal’s complete retail comeback kit.

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