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Top 3 Solutions to Make Space Between Store Customers and Staff


Top 3 Solutions to Make Space Between Store Customers and Staff

Humanity will prevail over the coronavirus and you will reopen. Will you be ready?

As the initial shock of a global shutdown gives way to perseverance, optimism and easing of restrictions, retailers are tasked with not only restarting their businesses, but also reimagining the in-store experience. Social distancing is our new normal for the foreseeable future, which means brands must adapt in order to find the balance between communication and creativity. Retail design in the post-pandemic world includes:


Social Distancing Signage

Every store now needs informational signage regarding social distancing. While the information is relatively standard, the design and branding are more important than you might think. Effective social distancing signage is eye-catching, accurate, instructional, and purposeful. Read more.


Branded Floor Graphics

No more masking tape. It’s time to invest in long-term floor graphics that are durable, slip-resistant, and custom printed. Branded floor graphics allow for fun twists on your logo, brand marks and messages. They strike a perfect combination of blending into your store environment yet standing out as social distancing guidelines.


Branded Partition Shields

Partition shields add an extra measure of safety for your customers and cashiers alike. The drawback is that they are just as dividing emotionally as they are physically. The simple addition of branding transforms a partition from a barrier into a billboard. Using clear acrylic, we’re able to promote a safer interaction and a subtle brand experience, simultaneously. Read More.


For more information on these and other retail solutions that Duggal Visual Solutions can design and install right now, watch our webinar: