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Tracking the Return of Trade Shows and Conferences in 2021


Tracking the Return of Trade Shows and Conferences in 2021

Business conferences and conventions are poised to stage a comeback in 2021, meeting and events professionals say.

“The marketplaces and meeting places that we build and operate as an industry will be key for economic recovery, and a growing number of governments are understanding that…” Trade Show News Network wrote. “Some markets will bounce back fast, others will need more time. But we know, both from our global research and from the ground in markets like China, that companies are eager to return to the trade show floor.”

While many conferences will remain virtual in Q1 and Q2, we’re seeing some—certainly more than at any point in 2020—go forward in person, with the pieces coming into place for a strong showing by the events industry in the second half of the year.

In some industries, people may be quietly, collectively, almost unanimously, awaiting their first post-COVID business conference. Meanwhile, the challenges of 2020 nudged trade shows into a new era that will reenergize attendees with the best of both worlds, online and in person.

“We tend to forget when we’re in the middle of a crisis that there were problems before the crisis came,” one trade show executive said. “It wasn’t easy for trade shows in the past few years. I think we were living in a period of transition, and it escalated to a huge acceleration now with this pandemic. Everyone is realizing that there are extraordinary benefits in digital, extraordinary benefits in the physical, and the real challenge is indeed to bring them together.”

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