‘Tunnel Vision’ Public Art Installation Unites Community With Powerful Motion Graphics

Curators’ Corner

‘Tunnel Vision’ Public Art Installation Unites Community With Powerful Motion Graphics

In what was merely a Main Street parking access tunnel, the town of Westport, Conn. saw an opportunity to bring a community together through contemporary art.

Town leaders called on lifelong resident Miggs Burroughs, whose homespun charm juxtaposes his notoriety as a graphic artist, to transform the otherwise drab pedestrian passageway into an emotionally engaging public gallery.

His creation, “Tunnel Vision” shares the personal stories of 32 Westport residents, employing the eye-tricking impact of high-resolution lenticular graphics for images that essentially move with the viewer. Every framed print is a complex blend of progressive images mounted on special Plexiglass with light bending micro-channels. The end result is a 3D moving visual narrative that manifests itself as the viewer proceeds along the passageway.

While all 16 images share the commonality of interlocking hands, perhaps the most moving piece is Tattoos. Holocaust survivor Anita Ron Schorr and an 8-year-old resident named Scarlett both long for a world without hatred or discrimination. In the transition of frames, Scarlett’s hands release from Anita’s arm to reveal a numbered tattoo, evoking a heart-wrenching understanding for her wish.

While a local hero who even designed the town flag, Burroughs also has four TIME Magazine covers to his credit, along with a commissioned U.S. Postage Stamp. “Tunnel Vision,” though, is quite simply as pure as art comes – passionate, inspiring and uplifting.

“When ‘Tunnel Vision’ became a reality, Duggal was my first choice,” says Burroughs. “I was almost brought to tears when I finally got to see the images, which I had worked on for more than a year, emerge with such depth, clarity and perfection.  Marina (Starke), Amit (Dhawan) and the entire Duggal crew lived up to every expectation of service and quality, and beyond.”

We are humbled by the impact of Burroughs’ imagery, and extremely proud to have helped create his vision. We encourage everyone to hop on the Metro-North out to Westport and experience “Tunnel Vision.” Click here to learn more.