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Turn Your Business into a Brand with Custom Printing & Design


Turn Your Business into a Brand with Custom Printing & Design

Every business has a brand. It’s just a matter of whether you’re taking the initiative to craft your brand, or letting it fall by the wayside. Tap into one of the most powerful branding tools—imagery—with custom printing and design from Duggal, including:

Retouching & Digital Studio

The need for digital retouching is greater than ever. In fact, most photos you see professionally printed have been digitally retouched in some way, shape or form. Humans are visual creatures, and consumers are unknowingly expecting a higher level of image quality in ads and online content as digital imaging technology continues to advance.

Exhibitions & Events

Attending a conference or trade show? Duggal’s tradeshow design services integrate everything from interactive kiosks, LED displays and dimensional graphics to digitally printed carpeting, metals, wood and fabrics. Learn more here.

Design Services & Innovation Lab

We are home to expert designers and digital engineers who are able to produce high-end renderings for complex projects before producing all of the elements in house. We can be a great resource if you’re expanding your office or building a new one.

3D Printing

In addition to being able to design your 3D model, we can print or scan in 3D as well. Duggal will help you identify the best material, as well as advise on the logistics of the production, from budget to timeframe. These services are particularly useful in the world of packaging design.

Installation Services

It’s equally important to consider the installation and rollout management of your printed materials. There are many moving parts and many people to coordinate, which is why Duggal has a complete installation management team on staff.

These are just a few of our brand-building services. To speak with one of our visual consultants, contact us.