Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Twitter: Which is Best for Photographers?

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Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Twitter: Which is Best for Photographers?

Social media is an undeniably powerful marketing tool, particularly for small businesses and freelancers. Consider the stats:

  • 5 billion Facebook users
  • 400 million Instagram users
  • 300 million Twitter users
  • More than 75 percent of all Internet users use social media

But simply being present on various social media outlets doesn’t equate to success. You have to understand how each network is best used, and develop your own social strategy.

The lion’s share of social marketing happens on the three channels we mentioned: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’re going to hold LinkedIn for its own separate discussion another time. Between these three channels, which one offers the best opportunities for photographers to market themselves?

You’re probably tempted to point to Instagram being that it revolves around imagery. The correct, answer, though – spoiler alert – is that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are each valuable in their own ways.


Facebook: Build a Community

Facebook is ideal for building an online community of fans and customers who don’t just buy your work, but outwardly support it. Facebook is also more conversational than Twitter and Instagram thanks to the “Wall” format, the general acceptance of longer posts, and easy sharing.

Perhaps most importantly, you can also use Facebook to employ highly targeted ads that will drive traffic to your website.

A few tips for using Facebook effectively:

  • Visualize your wall as a canvas to tell your brand story.
  • Don’t obsess with how many “Likes” you have. Instead, focus on engagement.
  • Don’t clutter your fans’ walls with “post sprees.” Keep it to one or two posts per day tops.

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Instagram: Get Noticed

In 2015, Instagram stormed past Twitter to reach 400 million monthly active users. The world’s favorite photo platform is still on a tear, recently hitting 200,000 monthly active advertisers worldwide while its user base continues to grow.

Instagram is the best way to put your photography out into the social stratosphere and let it be consumed. Each hashtag has its own following, and the photography community as a whole uses Instagram to browse and support each other’s work. Even people who don’t consider themselves photography fans spend hours on Instagram Liking and commenting on photos.

Popular hashtags to get your work seen:

  • #blackandwhite
  • #abstract
  • #streetphotography
  • #portrait
  • #justgoshoot

You can also hashtag locations, landmarks and details to reach a wider audience.


Twitter: Be a Thought Leader

Twitter’s 140-character limit means that you have to be concise with your storytelling. But brevity isn’t a bad thing, and Twitter is a great way to convey inspiring messages that reinforce your brand and add perspective to your imagery. For tips on using Twitter, check out our “Twitter for Photographers” series:


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