Types of Photography


Types of Photography

Types of Photography

Photography can be a hobby, passion, interest or career that allows you to have freedom to do what you want with your photographs because there are many different types of photography. Below we have listed some of types of photography (please note there are many more types of photography than what we have listed):

Photojournalism is a type of photography that is often limited to professionals because the shots must maintain integrity and requires the photographer to shoot only facts. There are no alterations or embellishments are permitted and the images taken must capture a newsworthy scene. Photojournalists capture images that are usually powerful and tell a story with just a glance and this can be hard to do with no alterations.

Documentary photography is very similar to photojournalism in many ways. It refers to a type that is once again often exclusive to professionals in the field because it is very tough to do. These powerful images, though, serve as a marker of a major historical event or era.

Action photography is generally associated with sports photography because it is one of the fastest forms of photography. The key with this type of picture is a good knowledge of motion and anticipation of a shot. Staying ahead of the game and keeping the subject in the focus of the scene is a must.

Microphotography is unique because it uses special cameras and microscopes to take pictures that are often used for many scientific purposes, including research and medicine.

Aerial photography is taken from a plane, a parachute, a balloon, or even a remote control machine that flies into the air. These kinds of pictures are used for a variety of purposes, including large events and military and surveying.

Underwater photography is a less common area of this field for practical reasons. It is very hard to do because goggles distort and magnify the photographers vision. It is also very expensive and scuba or snorkeling experience and special equipment are necessary.

Portraiture photography is one of the oldest forms of photography. It involves taking pictures of people and animals and capturing the subject’s personality in the photograph.

These types of photography offer a vast array of directions for someone entering into the field to go.