UNIQLO, MoMA & Starbucks Under One Roof: SPRZ NY is Epic

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UNIQLO, MoMA & Starbucks Under One Roof: SPRZ NY is Epic

Art and fashion meet for a cup of Starbucks coffee at UNIQLO’s flagship 5th Ave. location, home of SPRZ NY (“Surprise New York”).

In partnership with the Museum of Modern Art just around the corner, UNIQLO presents an unparalleled shopping exhibition. The store’s newly remodeled second floor is lined with hundreds of clothing items and accessories that convert the iconic works of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jack Pierson, Jackson Pollock, Lawrence Weiner and other MoMA featured artists into hip fashion statements.

As if the merging of contemporary art and style backed by pulsating music weren’t enough to pump endless inspiration into shoppers’ veins, SPRZ NY also features a full-service Starbucks and the introduction of the “Starbucks Experience,” transforming retail into a hybrid museum-coffeehouse hangout.

It is exciting for us to see three esteemed Duggal clients join forces in reimagining  life’s pleasures – art, museum excursions, global retail, design and – of course – coffee breaks. With the privilege of working directly alongside the Starbucks team, Steve Arnesen and Agata Renault led Duggal’s production of sleek LED panels illuminating the coffee bar, accompanied by two series of Starbucks-infused cement sheets printed direct.

Simply put, SPRZ NY is epic in every way.