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UNIQLO Williamsburg Pop-Up Still Holding Spot on Bedford Avenue

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UNIQLO Williamsburg Pop-Up Still Holding Spot on Bedford Avenue

Williamsburg’s Bedford Avenue and surrounding area is becoming the new Broadway and SoHo in what Curbed NY describes as perhaps New York’s most remarkable transformation in the past 40 years.

Williamsburg Pop-Up before

UNIQLO burst onto the ‘Burg scene during the 2016 holiday season with a pop-up shop located at 186 Bedford Ave. Originally expected to close after the holidays, the store is now welcoming shoppers to “Come in and check out our spring ’17 collection,” leaving Brownstoner and other local outlets wondering if the Japanese clothing retailer is there to stay.

Williamsburg Pop-up Before and After

Williamsburg UNIQLO Pop-up

UNIQLO’s staying power is anchored by an unmissable storefront. Duggal visual consultant, Giselle Behrens, helped UNIQLO bring to life its bright red logo, perfectly color matched and seemingly painted onto the 186 Bedford classic façade, including the door and windows. The Duggal production team used a delicate heat transfer process to meld the logo to the building’s exterior, and to the interior windows with a mirrored effect. Here’s to what we hope is an extended stay for UNIQLO in Brooklyn’s favorite “it” neighborhood!

Williamsburg UNIQLO Pop-up inside