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‘Unlocking the Mysteries of Indochina’

DVS Project

‘Unlocking the Mysteries of Indochina’

After embarking on a trip to Indochina, curated by NY Times Journeys, Vivian Rosenberg had hundreds of photos from her travels abroad. While she traveled to Asia alone, she quickly bonded with the rest of the group and wanted to share the memories she had collected during their time together.

Rather than sharing the images digitally or having multiple clunky albums, Vivian wanted to create a single old-fashioned snapshot album. With the help of Duggal’s Zee Morin, Vivian produced a 106-page part-memoir-travelog-and-gift through Shop Duggal that she then gifted to every member of the tour group.

The book included a wonderful collage of imagery, the journey itinerary and personalized notes of the adventures, as well as beautiful reflective inspirational quotes.

The responses have been overwhelming. One recipient described how, “After two very stressful weeks… it brought tears to my eyes to find your sweet book. It was so relaxing to sit and recall the great trip the photo book so eloquently captures.”

Another noted that they “haven’t stopped looking at it since it arrived yesterday. It makes it so much easier to explain to people why it was the ‘best vacation evvah.'”

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“Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.” – Confucius