UV Inks: An Environmental Printing Solution

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UV Inks: An Environmental Printing Solution

For many years, solvent inks were used as the primary dye in print shops. These inks provided a consistent and beautiful finish that made photographers proud of their final work.

However, recent studies have shown that solvent inks can be environmentally harmful due to the fact that they evaporate into the air, releasing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Enter UV Inks

Once the sustainability of solvent inks came into question, it didn’t take long for manufacturers to develop a more environmentally friendly ink. UV inks—or ultraviolet inks—are advantageous in that they go through a photomechanical process that allows them to dry under ultraviolet lights. This enables the liquid dye to dry into a solid more quickly, leaving less time for gaseous vapor to pollute the air as it does in the conventional drying method involving solvent inks. UV inks are gaining momentum as both art and commerce continue to trend as pro-environment industries.

No Sacrifice in Quality or Time

Even better, the environmental benefits of UV inks come with no negative consequences to the quality of your print. The print process largely stays the same, but while conventional solvents can take up to a few days to dry, UV inks have a significantly reduced drying period.

Benefits of UV Inks

The key advantages of UV inks over solvent inks are:

  1. The reduced drying time allows less opportunity for smudges. Therefore, you can skip the costly coatings that normally prevent smudging.
  2. Since UV Inks dry almost instantly, the dye isn’t required to absorb into the material. This means you can print onto just about any material worry-free.

UV Inks at Duggal

At Duggal, we’re committed to an ethical business model that promotes environmental sustainability. Combined with our commitment to printing excellence, we heavily endorse UV inks and are a proud promoter of their advantages. If you’re an environmentally-conscious artist or brand, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can kick off your project using ethical UV inks.