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Video Duplication – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

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Video Duplication – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

With digital and cloud technology, it seems impossible that your video content could ever disappear. However, consider those irreplaceable home videos that document your child’s first steps, or a portfolio piece you created on outdated media systems that may not be transferable one day. Do you really want to leave them to chance?

Given the fact that technology is constantly being reinvented and updated, it is crucial that you archive your most meaningful video content and find it a forever home.

Advantages of Digital Video Duplication

One of the primary reasons to duplicate your video content, especially in a digital format, is so that you can send it to others through sharing services like Dropbox, SendSpace or WeTransfer. This helps save on shipping costs, not to mention time spent exporting physical copies of your video. Once it’s digitized, you never have to duplicate the video again, as it will live on a hard drive.

Not to scare you, but an unexpected event such as a fire, flood, or simply misplacing a device can all but erase a family memory. So, be sure to at least make a duplicate physical copy, though we always recommend digitizing it and saving it to an online cloud system as well.

Video Duplication at Duggal

Video duplication is more accessible than ever and available right here at Duggal. Let us duplicate, digitize, and archive your important videos. Contact us to learn more.