(VIDEO) See UNIQLO’s ‘Back to School’ Installation at NYC 34th St. Flagship

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(VIDEO) See UNIQLO’s ‘Back to School’ Installation at NYC 34th St. Flagship

It’s that time of year! Fashion retail is “back to school,” and UNIQLO’s 34th St. NYC flagship store is, as always, visionary in engaging shoppers of all ages. The store’s latest centerpiece installation redefines the rules of fashion display and store design.

WATCH as Duggal craftsmen and digital experts assemble UNIQLO’s vision for showcasing the hippest new fall styles.

Led by production consultant Giselle Behrens and coordinator Jeff Harris, the Duggal multimedia team created and programmed two 9-foot-tall, double-sided LED video towers along with neon light frames. The digital elements are complemented by precision-cut vinyl graphics for the exterior glass, and Duggal craftsmen also built custom wood display platforms and wrapped them in an aluminum metal laminant.

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  1. Kudos to Duggal’s Interactive & Marketing teams!
    This video showing Duggal’s digital & installation capabilities is impressive both in content & capture. Great job showcasing the good work Duggal does. GUS Group is proud to be affiliated with such a professional & high quality production facility.

    Cheers, GUS

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