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Virgil Ortiz Creates Fine Art with Duggal’s LumiPixel™ Technology

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Virgil Ortiz Creates Fine Art with Duggal’s LumiPixel™ Technology

The Montclair Art Museum is truly inspiring. It is one of the country’s first museums engaged in collecting American art (including the work of contemporary, nonacademic artists), and is also among the first dedicated to the study and creation of a significant Native American art collection. It’s pioneering spirit for embracing every new audience who interprets art through a different lens reverberates in the new exhibition, Virgil Ortiz: Odyssey of Venutian Soldiers Exhibition. 

Ortiz, a celebrated Pueblo artist, potter, fashion designer and photographer has focused on educating the general public about the 1680 Pueblo Revolt through his artwork. He makes the Native uprising more relevant and engaging to younger generations by using contemporary art to blend this important historical event with sci-fi fantasy storylines.


Duggal Visual Solutions had the opportunity to work with Ortiz in bringing his imagery to life and emotion through the utilization of Duggal’s LumiPixel™ backlit graphic technology. This was the first time LumiPixels™ were used for a fine are application. With its placement as the primary feature of a glass stairway gallery – the illuminated work captures the attention of the town of Montclair, and drawing the community of the amazing collection within the Art Museum. Our Building 500 Fabrication Team also created the pedestal gallery museum bonnets for Ortiz’s sculptures. 

Virgil Ortiz: Odyssey of Venutian Soldiers Exhibition will be on exhibit at the Montclair Art Museum until. July, 2020.

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